Bladez by BH 600IC

Heavyweight Flywheel Ultra Smooth, Heavyweight, 45lb Flywheel gives a natural feel and consistent momentum
Belt Drive System Smooth, Quiet Belt Drive ensures a silent workout
Strength of Steel Oversized Steel Frame for Strength and Stability
Club Style Brake System Adjustable Top Down Resistance with Emergency Brake
Full Adjustability Fore/Aft and Up/Down Adjustable Seat and Handlebars for a comfortable fit and proper posture
Racing Ergonomics Large Diameter Racing Style Handlebars
Aluminum Pedals with Toe Baskets Provide a secure platform for maximum workout efficiency of the push and the pull motion
Anatomically Designed Saddle Sport saddle is ergonomically designed for comfort over long workouts
Motivational Console Easy to read LCD Console with Motivational Feedback
Easy to Store, Easy to Use Transportation wheels allow for easy storage between workouts
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